Women in Tech Dreamin'

Third Edition













26th October, 2024


Hyatt Regency, Kolkata


Why Women In Tech Dreamin'?

Dedicated to empowering women and allies in the tech industry, fostering a supportive and inclusive community for growth and innovation

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Women In Tech Dreamin' is not just another tech event—it’s a groundbreaking celebration of diversity and innovation.

As the first of its kind in Kolkata, a city emerging as the third most promising IT hub, Women In Tech Dreamin' with its third edition promises to be an exhilarating experience. Our mission is to empower everyone in the tech community, ensuring there’s something for everyone at this conference.

From inspirational keynotes to immersive workshops, dynamic networking opportunities to insightful panel discussions, Women In Tech Dreamin' is a vibrant platform for learning and growth. Whether you’re a tech veteran or just starting out, this event is designed to inspire and elevate.

What's In it for you?

Some of the Key factors that makes this event exciting

There are many reasons to attend the Women in Tech Dreamin', let us list a few prominent ones for you.


Gather under one roof with top minds, partners, and customers in the community.


Exploring women-centric discussions fosters inclusive perspectives and societal progress.

Forum Discussions

Dynamic space where individuals exchange ideas, perspectives, and knowledge on diverse topics.

Engaging Talks

Hear from speakers with brilliant minds and groundbreaking ideas.

Community Impact

Join us as we champion personal growth, support NGOs, and promote social causes.

Celebrate Yourself

Renowned for our after-party - join us to enjoy and unwind.

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